Solving Issues

Tommy Torres Working for you all the time

Today our community is at a crossroads. With threats to our quality of life and funding from the federal and state level, we deserve a leader that will advocate and deliver:

Make Real Gains in Education

Tommy will:

  • Fight to maintain school budgets and focus on effective programing
  • Eliminate unnecessary spending and invest those dollars on innovative results driven programs like after school, STEM, and literacy programs
  • Lead the fight to create smaller classrooms

“Access to quality education is not a luxury but a basic right. As a former teacher and school administrator I understand firsthand the challenges with providing quality education. As your City Councilman I will fight to ensure our children are equipped with the tools needed to achieve academic success.”


Expand and Protect Affordable Housing

Tommy will:

  • Bring more units to reach more people by creating affordable housing on unused and underutilized land
  • Fight to maintain rent stabilized and rent controlled housing in our District
  • Promote the creation of energy efficient green building design
  • Make the building of affordable housing more efficient by reducing planning obstacles and bureaucracy

“Our community is facing housing crises. Our families are spending more than 50% of their income toward housing costs.  This is unacceptable.  We need real solutions.”


Protect the Guardians of Our Community: Our Seniors

Tommy will:

  • Negotiate for the creation of more senior housing that is safe and affordable
  • Expand nutritional and recreational services that will keep our seniors healthy and active
  • Strengthen laws that protect our senior community like those against theft and elder abuse

“Our Seniors are the backbone of our community. We cannot stand back and watch their quality of life decline. As your City Councilman I will fight to protect and enhance the services offered to our seniors to ensure they are cared for in their golden years.”

“In a future filled with uncertainty I will bring the leadership needed to protect our quality of life and demand more, more for our children, more for our seniors and more for our working families.”

“On September 12 I hope you will count on the leader born in our community, raised by our community and for our community to serve our district and I hope to count on you.”

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